Blogs are so ever-present that when I go to type something I feel like a total idiot. "Am I going to be some cheeze ball blogger now?" (Answer: Probably). Anywho, the `net connection here is more stable and I had some time so I decided to post a whole bunch of pictures. Of course the power went down mid-way through, but this is India.

Below are a bunch of pictures from the last six months. A big thanks to the guy in charge of Google India, even though I don't know him. I saw his blog which he uses for the sole purpose of posting pictures for people back home. A very cool application of the technology since then people don't have to register to see the pictures. The Picasa (load picture to your computer) to Hello (email/post pictures) to Blogger (uh, um.... blog) connection is pretty easy. I'm uploading pictures one at a time and adding comments, but I'm sure there's a bulk load feature.

I forgot that the pictures appear in reverse chronology, so first time visitor (i.e. all of you) should go all the way to the bottom and scroll up (or punchlines will be lost). Some of the pictures are out of order. Some of the ladies back home like to see the colorful saris so I made sure to capture some of those. I'll try to start to update monthly and sorry if email communication is still not what it used to be

Sorry if it takes a long time to load. I'll need to clean up the blog somehow.

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Erik said...

Nice work Demps!