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No news. I just wanted to post is great looking picture of me.


Google Mac will make you jump, jump.

After getting an iBook in May (2 weeks before the MacBooks came out! Damn you Steve Jobs), I've been trying to learn more and more on how to let the iBook do more, so I can do less. Of course a lot of what Google has rolled out in 2006 let's you have your Google Account do a lot for you. Then, showing that I am on top of what is cool in the tech world, comes a nice dash of convergence: The Google Mac Blog

Here a nice entry: Official Google Mac Blog: Our far-flung Mac team

My message to the Google Mac Team: Put Google Talk for OSX at the top of the priorities (for voice calls esp.) and good work on the Picasa Web Albums (I've almost max'd out my space already).

In the words of Kris Kross: Uh-huh, uh-huh.


Just a reminder for mid-term elections

On March 6, 2003, George W. Bush said "Iraq will provide a place where people can see that the Shia and the Sunni and the Kurds can get along in a federation."


My Picasa Web Album

Check out my photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/GPDempsey

I'm really not a "Google can do no wrong" person, but their stuff (or the stuff they buy) is just so easy to use.

Anybody without a Gmail account should pop me an email (gpdempsey@gmail.com) so you can get one. A totally superior email client.

Rock on.


(just testing Picasa photo posting here)

Pat Doherty, me, Tom Doherty.


A little tech rant

I've been doing a lot of reading on Web 2.0. Have been for a while. This site just cracks me up:

Web Two Point Oh!

Refresh at least five times. It's a little dated (Dec 2005), but still a cool little program.

About 4 years ago I realized that, in today's world, if you can't talk tech to the computer jocks in your office, they'll walk all over you. So I started doing some self-education. How? I'd read ZDnet News (news.zdnet.com) everyday. Even if I didn't know what the stories were about, I'd still read them. I figured that over time I'd learn and understand more. It is basically 20 stories a day about the tech industry.

It came in handy when Firefox first came out. I told our network guy I wanted to install it on my computer. He said we could only have approved programs and they didn't want anything running that might compromise the network. I responded "Then why do you let people use Internet Explorer." (zing!) I went on to say that since it is not tied to the OS then it is less likely to introduce malicious software. He didn't have a response other than no. I installed it anyway.

So anyway, if you read up on the tech industry, Web Two Point Oh! is pretty funny. If you can't explain things to the office tech, you won't get what you need.

If you surf the `net using IE, you're a moron. Get Firefox or try Flock or a lot of people use Opera


My popularity soars!

The readership of this blog has skyrocketed to a confirmed number of 2. This has totally overwelmed me and I can only thank my parents for the strong foundation they gave me. Like myself, my readers have opinions and aren't afraid to express them.
I am anxious for some real blogging on your part. If you are going to have website worthy of a bookmark you should add to it at least once a week.

In Search of Ranganathan: After a year, a test post.

I'm bookmark worthly! Joking aside, Wooden is quite right that ISOR needs regular posts. But as I've written earlier, there is some underlining "bloated ego problem" that would motivate someone to blog. I have trouble believing that my bloated ego doesn't extended to "people need to read what I think" when it has always embraced "people should listen to what I say." I'm working to rectify this shortcoming.

Of course, reading stuff like this make it difficult to turn my blogging around:

How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger - WikiHow


Oh my, two post in one day.

Okay, where the trackback area? Right here? http://www.churbuck.com/wordpress/wp-trackback.php?p=618

or here


After a year, a test post.

Yeah, I'm just seeing if I can really start blogging, like the blogest blogger of the blogosphere. So you can check out this great article that totally proves some point I would make if I was actually blogging right now, instead of testing the wysiwyg editor, which I should have done last year.

I found it odd that my profile picture needs to be hosted on the web, but I can upload a pic from my desktop for posting in a blog entry. Seems like that feature should be in both places, no? I have to check that again during my copious free time.

Please comment on this entry before I delete it.



Me and the GPD-200 Deluxe

I used the timer on the camera, so I had to guess where to stand.

Without a hat, I'm not afraid to show the real me.

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Blogs are so ever-present that when I go to type something I feel like a total idiot. "Am I going to be some cheeze ball blogger now?" (Answer: Probably). Anywho, the `net connection here is more stable and I had some time so I decided to post a whole bunch of pictures. Of course the power went down mid-way through, but this is India.

Below are a bunch of pictures from the last six months. A big thanks to the guy in charge of Google India, even though I don't know him. I saw his blog which he uses for the sole purpose of posting pictures for people back home. A very cool application of the technology since then people don't have to register to see the pictures. The Picasa (load picture to your computer) to Hello (email/post pictures) to Blogger (uh, um.... blog) connection is pretty easy. I'm uploading pictures one at a time and adding comments, but I'm sure there's a bulk load feature.

I forgot that the pictures appear in reverse chronology, so first time visitor (i.e. all of you) should go all the way to the bottom and scroll up (or punchlines will be lost). Some of the pictures are out of order. Some of the ladies back home like to see the colorful saris so I made sure to capture some of those. I'll try to start to update monthly and sorry if email communication is still not what it used to be

Sorry if it takes a long time to load. I'll need to clean up the blog somehow.

Sari Display

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding. Smita.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding. Anjana Auntie

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding. Geeta Auntie

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding. Mom & Dad Rao

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding. Madhuri.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding. There's nothing like having a raging fire in the middle of a hot morning when you're sitting through a three hour ceremony.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - Rekha's wedding.

Hyderabad, January 2006 - requisite self-portrait.

Hyderabad 2005 - Rotary Club President Dr. T.B. Rao and his cabal.

Hyderabad, July 2005 - Madhuri and Deena

Hyderabad 2005 - Green Park Hotel

Hyderabad 2005 - Green Park Hotel - Hanging out.

Hyderabad 2005 - Green Park Hotel - Dad & his crew.

Rao Home - "The path to enlightenment" (aka, the way to Mom's yoga classroom).

Rao Home, Hyderabad, June 2005

Rao Home - Front

Rao Home - Front door.

Rao Home - June 2005 - Do you see 3 cats?

Hyderabad 2005 - Friends visit the Rao house.

Bangalore June 2005 - "My trunk is tired."

Bangalore June 2005 - Mother & child.

Bangalore June 2005 - Three Raos on the open water.

Bangalore June 2005 - Family get together, after several hours of sitting and talking, standing and talking was attempted by some.

Bangalore June 2005 - On the boat to see the elephants.

Bangalore June 2005 - Family get together, talking continues.

Bangalore June 2005 - Family get together, the ladies talk.

Bangalore June 2005 - hangin' wit da kids

Forget about the Beastie Boys, here's a true Eggman.