A little tech rant

I've been doing a lot of reading on Web 2.0. Have been for a while. This site just cracks me up:

Web Two Point Oh!

Refresh at least five times. It's a little dated (Dec 2005), but still a cool little program.

About 4 years ago I realized that, in today's world, if you can't talk tech to the computer jocks in your office, they'll walk all over you. So I started doing some self-education. How? I'd read ZDnet News (news.zdnet.com) everyday. Even if I didn't know what the stories were about, I'd still read them. I figured that over time I'd learn and understand more. It is basically 20 stories a day about the tech industry.

It came in handy when Firefox first came out. I told our network guy I wanted to install it on my computer. He said we could only have approved programs and they didn't want anything running that might compromise the network. I responded "Then why do you let people use Internet Explorer." (zing!) I went on to say that since it is not tied to the OS then it is less likely to introduce malicious software. He didn't have a response other than no. I installed it anyway.

So anyway, if you read up on the tech industry, Web Two Point Oh! is pretty funny. If you can't explain things to the office tech, you won't get what you need.

If you surf the `net using IE, you're a moron. Get Firefox or try Flock or a lot of people use Opera


Carrie Anna said...

I use Firefox! But I was bummed when they upgraded and lost the extension foxy voice! Just a little tech talk for my bookmark worthy friend!

Librarian1968 said...

Yeah, I adore Firefox but policing your extentions might be a little more work than the average surfing is used to. I can't live without the Answers.com extention and I had big problems getting it back after Firefox came out. I had to remove all things Mozilla (not just uninstall, but search and delete) and reload before it would work.