After a year, a test post.

Yeah, I'm just seeing if I can really start blogging, like the blogest blogger of the blogosphere. So you can check out this great article that totally proves some point I would make if I was actually blogging right now, instead of testing the wysiwyg editor, which I should have done last year.

I found it odd that my profile picture needs to be hosted on the web, but I can upload a pic from my desktop for posting in a blog entry. Seems like that feature should be in both places, no? I have to check that again during my copious free time.

Please comment on this entry before I delete it.

1 comment:

carrie anna said...

Geeze, you are so full of it. A hypertext link to the word copious??!!!

I am anxious for some real blogging on your part. If you are going to have website worthy of a bookmark you should add to it at least once a week. Tell Madhuri we said hey. Hook em horns!